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Consultants to Museums, Collectors & the Trade on Authenticity, Valuation, etc. Museum Planning, Historical Research & Restoration Undertaken, Reproduction Armour Made to Order.

"Norman Knight of the Late 11th Century"

spacer fancy f or the last quarter century, the family business of Stirling Brown have been restoring and preserving armour, and in that time they have established an international reputation for the quality of their craftsmanship.

"As well as our work on genuine antiques we have also fashioned and supplied quality copies of rare and unobtainable armour both to museums and collectors worldwide."

Much of our reproduction work has also been featured by some of the best known historical re-enactment groups both in Britain and abroad. These include 'The White Company', 'Circa 1400', 'The Company of St. George', '1471', 'Wolfbane', 'The Ermine Street Guard', 'The English Civil War Society'.

All copies are painstakingly hand-crafted from patterns taken from original items preserved in the world’s major museums and private collections. Each item is made to the correct weight and thickness, matching the originals as closely as possible, unlike many commercially available copies which are often made from thin or unsuitable metals thus rendering them unsafe for use in re-enactments".

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Gothic Knight and Horse Armour

We keep an up to date catalogue to show off the quality of our reproduction and restoration work.spacer
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15th Century Sallet Helmet

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